What is Visitor Management? 

 Welcoming and managing visitors has always been a responsibility businesses look forward to, considering that visitors are potential customers.    Organizations welcome all types of visitors, from business visitors, potential employees, employee family, vendors and more.  Businesses have the responsibility to welcome visitors safely, while ensuring the safety of employees.  

Why Digital Visitor Management?

Building and Office managers identified some major challenges with traditional visitor management. While logbooks have brought little to no improvement. The digital revolution has brought in new opportunities and trends into trends into businesses, and visitor management.  Businesses have traditionally relied on sign-in sheets and log books to capture visitor information. Most logbooks usually consists of  the following visit information:

 -- Visitor Details
 -- Visit Reasons
 -- Visitor's Host 

While this information is vital for building managers to learn more above visitors, it is highly limited and may not easily provided the needed information to make critical decisions. Also, traditional sign-in systems does not solve many of today's complex problems organizations now face. 

-- Inability of  the right teams to access visitor information incase of  emergency 
-- Inability to put a face to the name of a visitor  
-- Inability to forecast visits and traffic to businesses 
-- No way for security and building managers to gain insights into visitor analytics 
-- Inefficient visitor check-in process 
-- Decreased building security  

 Building and Office managers identified these challenges and upgraded into logbooks to cater for the shortcomings of traditional visitor management. While logbooks have brought little to no improvement. The digital revolution has brought in new opportunities and trends into trends into businesses, and visitor management.  With digital visitor management, managers can now adapt technology into every part of visitor management including visitor registration, visitor invitation, visitor communications, visitor check-in, crowd control, queue management and visitor analytics. . The need for modern Visitor Management tools like Lobbybase has become a necessity that offices of all sizes can count on to optimizing visitor management and enhancing safety in the workplace.   

As the world changes, business are changing the way they safely welcome visitors into their offices. Businesses now choose Visitor Management is a modern Visitors Management System, with Employee Attendance and Check-in Capabilities. LobbyBase enables businesses to welcome guests safely with an iPad sign-in at the lobby. LobbyBase is a modern tool for soft security of people's identification. It automate the entry of a visitor into an organization. LobbyBase allows you to check in and out visitors while ensuring people management processes are safely met. LobbyBase is a smart access control system that keeps your organization secure. LobbyBase can be used by different industries around the globe to welcome guest and monitor the affairs of the company from surveillance, visitors check-in and out, employee check-in and out, emergency preparedness. 

LobbyBase is an all in one Visitor Management solution for every industry. LobbyBase can be used in the government building, estate and residential buildings, manufacturing industries, hospitals and healthcare facilities, retail stores, banking and finance institutions, hospitality industry, education, legal firms and universities and cooperate offices.        
squirrel_01Executing a Digital Visitor Management Strategy
Capabilities of LobbyBase Visitor Management System 

LobbyBase manages the entire visitor management lifecycle.  

1. Onsite Visitor  Registration 
2. Send Visitor Digital Invites 
3. Onsite Check-in QR codes 
4. Inbuilt communication tools for pre-event reminders.   
5. Ability to forecast event attendance, and no-shows or crowd congestion situations     
6. Visit host notifications
7. Visitor badge pritning
Capabilities of a LobbyBase Employee Check-in 

LobbyBase manages the entire visitor management lifecycle.  
Event Registration, Digital Invites and Branded Websites
1. Attendance management 
2. QR Code Check-in 
3. QR Code Check-out 
4. In-app Check-in
5 Geo-location Tagging