Front Desk Security: Welcoming, Safe, and Efficient Access Control


By Lobbybase Team

Front Desk Strategy: Welcoming, Safe, and Efficient Access Control

Your front desk is the gateway to your organization, and it should exude a welcoming atmosphere, reflect your brand identity, and ensure the safety of everyone. A well-executed front desk strategy can open up a welcoming atmosphere, streamline processes, and improve your organization's overall security.

Pre-Screening Visitors

Start by proactively screening visitors before they arrive using Digital Visitor Management Software. Pre-configure a set of predefined questions to establish entry requirements. These questions help create a list of expected visitors, allowing front desk staff to manage access efficiently. Additionally, these screening questions enable security personnel to check for any matches with internal or third-party watchlists.  To efficiently manage this process, consider implementing a robust visitor management system.

Maintain a Detailed Visitor Log

Once you've established clear entry parameters for guests, ensure that you meticulously track everyone entering your premises. Utilize your digital visitor log log to collect crucial information, such as names, contact details, reasons for visiting, and any other data relevant to your organization. This comprehensive log allows front desk staff to quickly reference visitor information in case of any issues, including placing problematic guests on a "no entry" list and conducting necessary follow-ups.

While ensuring security is paramount, exceptional customer service should not be overlooked. Your front desk staff should possess the skills and mindset to provide a welcoming, friendly, and helpful experience to all visitors. They play a dual role in not only ensuring security but also making guests feel comfortable and valued.

Issue Custom Badges for Visitors

Distinguishing between employees and visitors in the workplace is vital for maintaining safety. If you do not currently have one in place, implement a badge system to make guest identification easy. This system can include automated badge printing for every visitor who signs in at the front desk or pre-printed visitor passes for those who complete the pre-screening process in advance.

To make the badge system more specific, consider adding details like the visitor's reason for visiting, timestamps, visitor photos, or even expiring badges for limited visit times. Pair your custom visitor badge setup with a badge policy to empower front desk security to take action when unauthorized visitors are identified.

Develop a Strategy to Deny Unauthorized Entry

 Establish a consistent strategy for denying entry to unauthorized visitors once they're identified. Ensure your front desk staff is trained in protocols and de-escalation techniques to handle these situations. Train your Front Desk staff on how to handle visitor policy violations. 

Steps may include: 

STEP 1: Request the visitor to leave.

STEP 2: Bring in a second staff member to assist with escorting the individual out.

STEP 3: Know who to contact if the visitor becomes disruptive.

STEP 4: Document the incident and notify relevant internal parties.

STEP 5: An incident management protocol ensures that front desk staff are prepared for these occasionally challenging interactions.

Streamline Incident Sharing:

Front desk staff should consistently track all incidents requiring assistance or raising concerns. Train your team to create consistent and generate comprehensive incident reports, which should include:

Visitor's name and information from the visitor log.

A detailed description of the issue.

A list of involved individuals, such as security staff, employees, and third parties.

A step-by-step account of staff actions to de-escalate the situation.

Any subsequent actions or follow-ups, like adding the visitor to a do-not-visit list, contacting authorities, or meeting with employees involved.

A secure workplace begins at the front desk. By making visitors feel welcome, implementing clear rules, empowering security staff, and establishing robust procedures, you can ensure both safety and a positive atmosphere for employees and guests alike. Implementing a Visitor Management System can help you manage these processes effectively.